The WBCC Team

Peter Bates

President and Superintendent

Peter Bates graduated high school in 1969. He worked summers while going to NH Votech in Manchester, graduating in 1971. He enlisted in the US Army Reserve after basic training and started working full time for WBCC in December 1971. He is still active in the day to day operations of the company now as president of WBCC.

Jeff Bates

Vice President and Superintendent

Jeff Bates graduated high school in 1978 and worked summers while attending NH Votech in Manchester, graduating in 1980. He stated working full time driving a ten-wheeler. He climbed up the ranks as an operator, foreman and superintendent to the office of Vice President / Treasurer.

Jason Bates


Jason Bates graduated high school in 2003. He started working summers in 2000 and after graduation began working full time for the company. He has climbed up the ranks from laborer to operator and foreman. He is now a member of the Board of Directors for WBCC / Vice President.

Adam Bates

Project Manager

Adam Bates graduated high school in 2006 but started working summers in 2004. After graduating NH Tech, Concord in 2008 he came to work full time as a laborer climbing the ranks to project manager, estimating and managing day to day operations. Adam is also the secretary / board member at WBCC.

Dennis Towle


Dennis Towle graduated from UNH in 1980 with a BS in civil engineering. He worked for NH DOT from 1978-1985. He left to start his own business with his father before coming to work for WBCC in 1990. He is still with WBCC.

Ben Inman


Ben Inman graduated high school in 2006. He then attending UNH and graduated in 2010 with a degree in civil engineering. He started with WBCC on the I-89 Sutton job doing traffic control and has worked many different positions from pipe layer, foreman, layout person to our lead person in the GPS machine control portion of our industry.

Chuck Cannon


Chuck Cannon graduated high school in 1972. He attended Plymouth State College and stared working for WBCC in the spring of 1977. He began as a laborer moving up through the ranks to foreman and superintendent. Chuck is still with WBCC.

Ed Richardson


Ed “Bubba” Richardson started working for WBCC in 1981. In 1986, Ed left to pursue a different career but returned in 1998 and still works for the company as a foreman.

Jeff Bishop


Jeff Bishop graduated high school in 1991 and started working for WBCC in 2002 on the I-93 Compton job. Jeff is another example of a great working foreman who likes to get the work done whether it’s traffic control, laying pipe or putting in a box culvert.

Bill Frongillo


Bill Frongillo graduated in 1988 from Manchester West High School. He attended NHTI in Concord, started working for WBCC in April 2009 and is currently a foreman.

Bruce Lee

Equipment Operator

Bruce Lee graduated high school in 1969. Shortly working for WBCC in early 1975. With exception of missing part of the season in the mid 1980’s, Bruce has spent his entire career with WBCC as a heavy equipment operator.

Shari Courser


Shari graduated from Hopkinton High School in 1981 and graduated from SNHU in 1983 with an Associates Degree in Accounting. After graduating she went to work for Merrimack County Telephone until 2003 leaving as a Senior Accountant. Before coming to work for WBCC in 2011, she worked for the Lumber Barn in Accounting and is currently our Office Manager/Accountant.

Longtime Employees Chuck Cannon and Bruce Lee
Longtime Employees
Chuck Cannon and Bruce Lee
Longtime Employee Rick Osborne
Longtime Employee
Rick Osborne
Jeff Bates, VP and Superintendent, Roger Bates
VP and Superintendent Jeff Bates,
Roger Bates